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Herbal remedie "Seasonal Support" to boosting your immune system.

The vitamins, minerals, and potent botanicals found in Seasonal Support strengthen the immune system and work to lessen the severity and duration of the common cold and influenza.

As the summer sun yields to the autumn winds, so too, it seems, does our immunity. Every year, nearly 110 million Americans will suffer from the common cold or flu. In fact, an American adult can expect to suffer from two to four episodes per year! Isn't it time you did something more than just wait?
Boosting the immune system is critical for maintaining optimal health. A strong immune system ensures that the body will respond effectively to the potentially harmful viruses and bacteria that try to invade our bodies. Seasonal support's comprehensive formula now makes it easy for anyone to address issues of comprised immunity.
Many of the ingredients contained in this support formula have been used for centuries by Europeans and Native Americans to ward off infectious agents. Additionally, by painstakingly evaluating the most up-to-date immunity research, Progressive Health has gone to great lengths to ensure that you receive the benefits of the modern nutrition. We believe that Seasonal Support exists as the most comprehensive immune system booster supplement today.
With its synergistic formula of herbal extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and Immune Enhancer AG, Seasonal Support is guaranteed to provide you with year round, maximum immune support!

Cold and Flu, At A Glance:

You may of remember your mother saying, "Bundle up, it's cold out there and I don't want you to get sick!" Although most colds are caught in the fall and winter, cold weather does not cause illness. So, with all do respect to your mother, she was wrong.
It is true that the common cold virus loves cold weather, in fact it thrives in colder temperatures when there is low humidity. But illness has nothing to do with a lowering of body temperature, instead, a cold or flu is the end result of an infection of the upper respiratory tract from a given virus.
There are over 200 known viruses that can cause the common cold. The most common are the rhinoviruses; accounting for nearly 50% of all cases. These nasty invaders can cause symptoms ranging from head and nasal congestion, to sore throat, coughing, headache, and water eyes. Most colds clear up within a few days, but if your immune system is not functioning at optimal capacity, a common cold can lead to a more sever illness like bronchitis, sinus infection, ear infection, and even pneumonia.

The Progression of the Cold and Flu:

Colds almost always begin with some form of throat irritation and stuffiness in the nose. The virus acts rapidly and within hours, full-blown cold symptoms can arise.
A low-grade fever is common, although temperatures can reach as high as 103 degrees in susceptible individuals. Nasal discharge is also quite common. It may last from 1-3 days and can become yellow to greenish in color. The dreaded cough is usually the last symptom to appear. It can persist for more than two weeks if not properly addressed.
The classic symptoms of influenza may take up to four days to present. When symptoms do appear, they are usually abrupt and severe. Symptoms include; headache, muscle and skeletal pain, extreme fatigue, and fever up to 104 degrees. Children may experience vomiting, diarrhea, and infection. Thankfully, most flu's only last for four to five days. But again, if your immune system is not functioning as it should, illness can last for more than one week.
"Seasonal Support is unlike any other immune supplement available today. You no longer have to suffer. Progressive Health's comprehensive formula is effective and immediate immune system support!"

Guaranteed Relief With Seasonal Support:

No one is immune - that is, everyone is at risk for developing the cold or flu. And, chances are, you'll develop an upper respiratory infection this year. The most common way these pathogens are spread is through direct contact with an infected person; this includes being around others who are sneezing and coughing.
It would be great if we could avoid every single social situation where we knew a given individual had a cold or flu, or if every one took measures to prevent the spread of these viruses. But, as we all know, this is simply not realistic. As long as there are children and teenagers in the classroom, adults at the workplace, and mass transit is up and running, the common cold and flu will continue to thrive.  
We understand the need to reduce our incidence of infection. Many individuals tell us that they simply cannot afford to miss work. Yet, they do nothing besides letting the illness "run it's course." Now, you don't have to don't have to sit on the sidelines while your cold is running your life. Seasonal Support's immune enhancing formula is a proactive measure that you can utilize to dramatically reduce your chance of catching a cold, or to effectively relieve major cold symptoms when you are ill. What's more, unlike conventional medicines, this all natural formula is free of side effects and is non-habit forming.  
So, what's inside Seasonal Support - Immune Booster that makes it so effective, that's its guaranteed?
  • Vitamin C - Studies shown that Vitamin C reduces the severity and duration of symptoms linked to the common cold.
  • Zinc - Clinical trials indicate the use of zinc may be helpful for colds and influenza.
  • Bromelain - Studies have suggested that Bromelain can enhance the bodies immune system which may be helpful for colds and influenza.
  • Spirulina - Is widely used to enhance immune function. Laboratory results suggest that it promotes activity to help fight influenza.
  • Inositol - Supports circulatory health.
  • Astragulus - Studies show it may be helpful for colds and influenza by regenerating bronchi cells after a viral infection.
  • Beta Glucan 1,3 and 1,6 - Improves the bodies immune system by enhancing the ability of macrophages to respond to and fight a wide range of toxic substances such as viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria.
  • Echinacea Purpurea - This famous botanical stimulates the immune system and activates white blood cells to fight colds and influenza.
  • Golden Seal - Can strengthen the immune system and help reduce inflammation of mucous membranes commonly associated with influenza and colds, while providing antiviral activity.
  • Immune Enhancer AG - Has been shown to strengthen the immune system while also enhancing the production of natural killer cells, which destroy invading micro-organisms.
  • Elderberry - A flower and berry that has been traditionally used to avoid the common cold, influenza, nasal inflammation, and sinusitis.


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